E10: Partnering with Providers of TANF Programs (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) Under a Combined Program in Ohio known as Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP)

A couple of years ago, Governor John Kasich advanced a bold new approach to TANF when he asked the Workforce Boards of Ohio to partner with the Job and Family Services JFS) Departments, combining WIOA Youth funding with TANF funding to invent a new approach for youth (14-24 year olds). The program is Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP). Hamilton County JFS procured provider services for CCMEP and the Talbert House agency partnered with Community Action Agency, Easterseals and the Urban League, all serving in Cincinnati and Hamilton County to deliver these bold new services. Sherry Kelley Marshall, President&CEO of the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board joined Doug Foresta with partner representatives to discuss CCMEP and share insights on the program, the customers and progress for success in implementation: Bonita Woods, JFS Cincinnati/Hamilton County, Employee Services Supervisor; Benita Spraggins, Director – Community Link/Talbert House; Erica Fears, CCMEP Associate Director/Talbert House.

Teaser for E:11: Sherry Kelley Marshall, President&CEO of the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board, started a “Mind/Shift” discussion for the local area when the Comprehensive Case Management Program began implementation and is now trying to influence a change in use of language when serving youth and other disadvantaged customers. One of the most important language shifts among many that Marshall advocates is changing CCMEP to Comprehensive Customer Management or Motivation to Employment Program – seeing as how many individuals don’t see themselves as “cases” and don’t like hearing others see them as “cases”. Check out the E:11 Podcast in January 2019 for more on her advocacy for a “language mind/shift” to lift people through the words used to serve them.

E09: Partnering With The Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) Center of Cincinnati/Hamilton County

Kevin Holt, Director of the Ohio Mean Jobs (OMJ) Center of Cincinnati/Hamilton County (the State of Ohio’s name for one-stop centers in Ohio) joined the program with Sherry Kelley Marshall to discuss how the job center aligns with the workforce boards and the role and function of the center in the community. Discover how the OMJ Center serves job seekers and employers, as well as the funding available for on-the-job training and the parameters of those funds.

As this podcast is being released, re-procurement for the OMJ Center operator/career services/business services and training services is being finalized and will be issued on the www.SWORWIB.org website before the end of 2018 in their required process to periodically review and re-issue a procurement opportunity to select the best OMJ Center management for the fulfillment of these critical workforce services.

E08: Partnering with the Public Library

Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Paula Brehm-Heeger, the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Library Director, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, to discuss the partnership between SWORWIB and the public library that covers the SWORWIB area of the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, bringing more access to citizens from across 40 library branches and the central downtown main library. Discover the advantages of this partnership for SWORWIB, the public library system, employers and job seekers. Moreover, the whole State of Ohio benefits from their combined leadership as there is now state legislation requiring one-stop center and workforce boards to partner with the state’s large public library system.

2018 Lynda_com Treehouse.pdf

2018 My Librarian Updated.pdf

E07: 22+ Adult Diploma Program

As children, teenagers, and college students head “back to school” across the county, there are also people over 22 years of age and into their 60s coming back to school in Cincinnati Ohio to finish their high school diplomas that they were not able to complete their first time around. This episode features Sherry Kelley Marshall, President and CEO of the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board and Zak Nordyke, Director at Dohn 22+ Adult Diploma Program, part of the Dohn Community School in Cincinnati, OH, as they discuss the details of the 22+ Adult Diploma Program, why they decided to partner, and some of the benefits of the program.

Dohn 2019 Flyer

Updated 22 Plus Flyer

E06: Procurement and Monitoring of the One Stop Center

Procurement and monitoring of the One Stop Center is one of the most challenging requirements for a workforce board in the U.S. In this episode, you’ll discover how the SWORWIB manages this challenging task and you’ll hear from Sherry Kelley Marshall as she shares advice about these processes for workforce professionals.

E05: Evaluating Training Providers

In this episode, Sherry Kelley Marshall discusses how and why the SWORWIB has been evaluating its eligible training providers since 2008, the policies they have in place about eligible training providers, as well as the board committee that oversees Individual Training Accounts and Eligible Training Providers. Discover what the WIOA requirements regarding evaluation will mean for the SWORWIB’s historical self-evaluation.

Training Provider Criteria

ETP Performance Data Summary Sheet 2017-2018

ETP Process for Area 13 UPDATED 06.07.2018

Industry Sector Policy 2017-2020

E04: Alternative High School Diplomas in Ohio

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board, discusses alternative high school diplomas and the options available in Ohio.

Ohio High School Diploma Options 2018

E03: Apprenticeships For Electricians and Electrical Contractors

Sherry Kelley Marshall discusses the partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the National Electrical Contractors Association and SWORWIB and the benefits of that partnership for those seeking a career as an electrician or electrical contractor, as well as for business, education and economic development.

2018-2019 Trade Wages

3.23.18 SWORWIB-IBEW White Paper

E02: Re-embedding Apprenticeships in Manufacturing

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of SWORWIB discusses the work that they have done in the region to re-embed apprenticeships in manufacturing, why it’s important and who would be a good fit for these apprenticeships.