E24: Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Construction Craft Skilled Workforce.

This episode features an interview with Jackie Alf of Jurgensen Companies, Anthony Ricciardi of Allied Construction Industries, Lydia Burns from Construction Career Advocate Program (SOC) and Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of the SWORWIB, as they discuss how to attract, recruit and train the next generation of construction craft skilled workers. Discover how the SWORWIB has been involved in construction industry efforts to increase exposure to the trades, and various industry trends as baby boomers exit the workforce. Sherry Kelley Marshall also shares her thoughts about the role the federal government can play in attracting young talent to the construction industry and recognizing how many industries have recognized credentials for which good paying jobs are available – and without college debt and dropouts.

E23: The Hamilton County Re-Entry Program:  Connecting Returning Citizens to Meaningful Jobs and Careers.

Trina Jackson, Director of the Hamilton County Re-Entry Program, joined Sherry Kelley Marshall, SWORWIB President & CEO for this program to discuss the impact of the tight labor market on employers’ expanding willingness to interview and hire returning citizens. Discover the various programs and services provided by the Hamilton County Re-Entry Program and the OhioMeansJobsCenter overseen by the SWORWIB, as well as statistics about justice-involved individuals in the region and statewide. Trina and Sherry elaborated on the importance of re-entry partnerships and shared thoughts on changes that could  further improve outcomes for returning citizens.

One Stop Resource Center Video:

Preparing incarcerated women for sustainable careers news stories:

Graduates had to overcome obstacles to get where they are; including where they are.

Opinion: Program takes people from jail to the workplace.

Opinion: City’s police help inmates succeed upon their release.

Hamilton County’s Commitment Record

E22: The SWORWIB’s Partnership with Job Corps.

In this episode, you’ll hear about the SWORWIB’s partnership with the Cincinnati Job Corps Center in southwest Ohio. Discover the history of Job Corps, how they recruit students and who is eligible. You’ll also learn about which industry sectors have the best results, challenges and opportunities, and how the in-demand occupations that the SWORWIB supports match up with Job Corps’ focus.

E21: The Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program In Ohio-Approaches to Serve Youth Ages 14-24.

This episode features a general overview of the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP) in Ohio which began July 1, 2016 and continues as a formal connection of WIOA and TANF for youth 14-24. A variety of special approaches have been used, particularly in the Cincinnati/Hamilton County market where exploration of MindShift/WordShift was underway as the program rolled out in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. You’ll hear a story of a young person whose life was changed dramatically for the better due to her participation and commitment to the offerings of the CCMEP program. There is also discussion among the leaders in Cincinnati/Hamilton County for this program relative to possible improvements for the program and how the program might change with a shift in the strength of the economy.

E20: Goal4 It!™ – A Unique Approach To Assisting Out-Of-School Youth, developed by Mathematica and implemented in Southwest Ohio.

In this episode, you’ll learn about Goal4 It!, a unique approach for assisting out-of-school youth in the Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program in Ohio WIOA Area #13 under the SWORWIB’s leadership. Hosts describe details of the approach, why it was developed, and lessons learned.

What is Goal4 It! ?

What is Goal4 It! Pro?

CCMEP Fact Sheet

E19: Junior Achievement Inspire Event- A Hands On, Career Exploration Expo

This episode features a conversation with Sherry Kelley Marshall, President and CEO of the SWORWIB and Laura Randall, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Junior Achievement, as they discuss the 2019 Inspire Event; a hands on career expo for high demand careers. Discover the careers that were chosen, the involvement of the SWORWIB and its partners, as well as feedback and lessons learned from the event. Information about the 2020 event is also discussed and other attachments provide 2020 signup information and two videos display activities of the 2019 event.

JA Inspire 2020 Registration

SWORWIB 2019 Inspire PowerPoint

JA Inspire 2019 Video

E18: SWORWIB and The New Horizons Information Technology Scholarship Program Partnership

Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Brandy Taylor, Regional Director of Workforce Development, as they discuss the Scholarship Program Partnership between the SWORWIB and The New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Discover the eligibility requirements, how to apply for the scholarship and the details of six different IT specialty skills for candidates to consider as their preferred training selection. Brandy and Sherry also reveal the details of the scholarship, and the job placement assistance available for the scholarship winners upon completion of their training.

E17: Partnership with Valiant and CCMEP- Helping Young People to “Live Valiantly”

SWORWIB President and CEO Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Riley O’Grady, Founder and CEO of Valiant, as they discuss a pilot project collaboration with Talbert House as one of the SWORWIB’s and Hamilton County’s providers for the broad Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP) in Ohio, for eligible youth between ages 14-24. Riley shares her reason for creating the Valiant approach and lessons learned from their pilot project – both the best planned for and unplanned for results.

E16: Partnerships for Career Pathways for In-Demand Occupations

Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Mardia Shands, Executive Director of Partners for a Competitive Workforce (PCW) and Jesse Simmons, Director of Supply Chain and Construction Pathways for PCW as they discuss the history of the SWORWIB’s involvement for in-demand occupations since 2001 and the formation of the Greater Cincinnati Workforce Network. Subsequently renamed Partners for A Competitive Workforce (PCW) has recently focused on partnerships with middle and high school and out-of-school providers to link their efforts to showing young people the in-demand industry sectors in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana tristate region.

E15: American Graduate Initiative- How and Why The SWORWIB is Partnering With CET & ThinkTV

Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Gloria Skurski, Chief Education Officer for CET & ThinkTV and Jason Dennison, Manager of Learning Services for CET & ThinkTV, as they discuss the American Graduate initiative from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Discover how and why the SWORWIB got involved in a Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant for educational television, and how this partnership is offering opportunities and new options for young people to consider.

E14: The SWORWIB’s Partnership With The Princeton City School District

In this episode Sherry Kelley Marshall is joined by Tom Burton, Superintendent for the Princeton City School District. Sherry and Tom discuss the partnership between their two organizations, and how they are assisting those students who are struggling to succeed and those who are not necessarily planning to attend college upon graduation.

E12: Mind/Shift and Word/Shift – How Changing Our Messages and Language Can Help Empower Customers

Sherry Kelley Marshall discusses a conversation that the SWORWIB is having with committee members, workforce partners and legislative representatives about Mind/Shift and Word/Shift and how changing our messaging and words can have a positive impact on customers’ lives. Discover the work that the SWORWIB is leading in both a white paper on Mind/Shift and Word/Shift, and what’s behind the pursuit of these messages and wording that needs adjustments for today’s era.

SWORWIB Workforce Development It’s Time for MindShift and WordShift.pdf

E11: YouthBuild-Connecting Out-Of-School Youth To Career Pathways, Work Experience, Education and Industry Credentials.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Sherry Kelley Marshall from the SWORWIB, Debbie Smith from Easterseals and Eric Thomas from Cincinnati/ Hamilton County Community Action Agency. Discover the history of YouthBuild, the market focus, activity and training for both CAA and Easterseals YouthBuild programs, and how the SWORWIB and OMJ Center partner with and assist in the success of the YouthBuild grants for Cincinnati.