E30: Managing the Physical Plant of the OhioMeansJobs Center

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of the SWORWIB, shares the history behind the selection of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County One Stop Center, and the unique resources at the OhioMeansJobs/Cincinnati-Hamilton County both in physical plant, parking lots, adjusting to Gubernatorial renaming and working together with 17-19 partners sharing the facility – and of course the challenges of COVID-19. Discover the biggest projects ever managed by the SWORWIB as the leasee of the building, the early partnership with the Public Library that was later required for library/OMJ partnerships and the most recent updates that have been made in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, record-breaking unemployment and social unrest.

E29: Training the Next Generation of Construction Skilled Craft Talent and Professionals

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President and CEO of the SWORWIB, is joined by leaders from the construction industry as they discuss the Construction Resource Report developed as an information piece for young people, job changers, parents and the regional community. Discover the talent challenges and opportunities when it comes to developing the talent pipeline of skilled construction craft and other talented professionals and the efforts that are underway by SWORWIB Board Members, construction organizations and nonprofit entities.

SWORWIB – Skilled Construction Careers Resource Report May 2020

E28: Serving Workforce in the Midst of COVID-19

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of the SWORWIB, is joined by OhioMeansJobs Center Director Kevin Holt and Leah Winkler, Workforce Development Specialist for the State of Ohio, as they discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the local workforce system and the economy as a whole. Discover the innovation that is happening in the midst of the crisis, what officials from USDOL, USHHS and USDOE need to be considering, and what the economic recovery cycle might look like in the post-pandemic era.

Hot Jobs-Tuesday, April 28, 2020

E27: The 2020 Census, the Census Advisory Committee and Workforce

In this episode you’ll hear from Sherry Kelley Marshall, President and CEO of the SWORWIB, Steve Johns, Planning Services Administrator from Hamilton County Planning and Development and Chandra Yungbluth, Assistant to the Cincinnati City Manager. Discover the process for building a combined Census Advisory Committee (CAC) for the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and how the CAC is helping to inform everyone about the census and why it’s important to complete your census form. Sherry Kelley Marshall shares her Top 5 findings from the census that will be important to the SWORWIB and shares her thoughts about what can be done to improve the census in the future.

Factfinder for the Nation

Timeline Census

E26: The SWORWIB’s SuperAwards

Sherry Kelley Marshall, President & CEO of the SWORWIB, discusses the history and purpose of the SuperAwards. Discover how the process has changed over the years, the various award categories, and the benefits of a workforce board having an awards program. Sherry also shares the process for releasing the awards, the strategy for promoting the SuperAward winners, and why the SuperAward is valuable to the heritage of the SWORWIB’s record of performance in Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

E25: SWORWIB’s Nominating Process

Nominating is critical to the health and vitality of workforce boards. This episode features an interview with Sherry Kelley Marshall, President of SWORWIB and Scott Conklin, Board Member and Chief HR Officer at iTelligence as they discuss nominating committee requirements, political considerations of the nominating process as well as recruitment tips. Sherry Kelley Marshall also shares her thoughts about the changes to the nominating process over the past 15 years.