NewsWIB January 2019
Spotlight on Labor Market Information
SWORWIB Partner Spotlight
The Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board (SWORWIB) and the Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative (CUCI) are pleased to announce their partnership in the development of a worker collaboration and participatory business management and literacy apprenticeship. The goal is for the program to be adopted by the Ohio Apprenticeship Council. As a State-approved program, it will not only become a widely used practice within Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati that both CUCI and SWORWIB serve, but will also be available for any organization across Ohio, positively impacting hundreds of companies and their workers.

This apprenticeship will be particularly instrumental in preparing workers from recently converted cooperative businesses in the skills to run their businesses or as a soft entry into businesses that are considering transitioning to worker ownership. The development of this apprenticeship is generously funded by the Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI); CUCI is part of the Workers to Owners Collaborative which DAWI fosters.
Spotlight on Training Opportunites
Community Link Partners Connect
Participants to Training Opportunities

Twenty-five women and men seeking new career prospects attended a resource fair hosted by Community Link, a collaboration between Talbert House and Easter Seals Tristate. The January 23rd event provided attendees the opportunity to learn about short-term vocational and training opportunities available in Hamilton County.

Nine companies representing a variety of certification and training programs were on hand to discuss and answer questions regarding their program specifics including benefits, costs, and the certifications available. Attendees registered on the spot for programs offered early March through late April. The direct connection and learning led to the registration of nineteen into programs that will set them on a new path to a career and higher earning potential. 
Learning Skills Leading to In-Demand Occupations
Pays-off in Hamilton County!

OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County is focused on working with employers that offer sustainable living wages and on short term training programs that teach skills that lead individuals to high-demand occupations.

Since July 1, 2018, we’ve enrolled 51 people into short-term classroom training programs. 96% of the training programs taught skills leading to high-demand occupations. During the same timeframe we’ve recorded 499 employments. The overall median wage for the 200 non-training related jobs is $12.02 per hour. Of our 299 training related jobs, the overall median wage is $19.31 per hour. That is a 62% increase in overall wages related to short-term training. The data indicates that learning in-demand skills pays off in Hamilton County.

We are committed to working with employers, training vendors and job-seekers to provide Hamilton County employers with skilled, capable employees.
OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County
is Working Hard for You!

Search the myriad of occupational opportunities at to find your perfect job!

OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County  1916 Central Parkway 45214  (513) 946-7200
If you require a reasonable accommodation, ASL interpreter, or other language service, please contact OhioMeansJobs at 946-7200.
We offer priority of services to U.S. Military Veterans and eligible spouses.  Thank you for your Service!
Spotlight on Expanding Services
The Prevention/Retention/Contingency (PRC) Program
ramps up at OhioMeansJobs

The Hamilton County Job and Family Services (HCJFS) PRC team is expanding again. Just a few short months ago the PRC team consisted of three staff members which grew to five and will expand to seven staff during February. 

Additional funds have become available and policy has been changed to provide for greater flexibility. The volume and variety of PRC applications continues to grow. These dollars can support school and employment-related needs such as:

  • Transportation (gas cards or bus cards)
  • Needed car repairs
  • Work/school tools, boots, and uniforms (must be required for work or school)
  • School fees and supplies (textbooks only)

Or, short-term emergency need such as:
  • Infant safety products
  • Utility assistance
  • Furniture for recently homeless families

This is the kind of flexible money that can be used for car repairs, so someone can make it to work and not lose their job. Or, pay for a work uniform needed to start a job. Or, someone with a one-time emergency expense, that might otherwise threaten their job or housing stability.

Hamilton County families with a minor child in the home and income under 200% of the federal poverty level may be eligible for PRC. The assistance, if approved, must serve one of three goals:

  • Allow the family to avoid or escape dependence on public assistance
  • Help the applicant to get and keep a job
  • Help the family manage a one-time and unexpected expense

HCJFS is partnering with community organizations to identify people who need this service. Our agenda is to use PRC funds to leverage the good work done by community partners in fields ranging from homelessness and children services to vocational training and employment. 
PRC will be one small part of the fuller “LIFT” project starting in 2019. Project LIFT is a $5 million, public/private effort to remove barriers to self-sufficiency and help families thrive. The effort is led by the Child Poverty Collaborative and aims to help 1,000 families (3,000 individuals) in its first year. 
Employer Spotlight
"Deer Park University" Receives OJT Injection from OMJ

Great opportunities for career paths are being forged at Deer Park Roofing! After being referred by Adam Jones of REDI Cincinnati, the OMJ Business Services team met with the HR and training teams at Deer Park Roofing. The company’s impressive plans for expansion in Hamilton County and its new “Deer Park University” (DPU) offered a unique opportunity to support the company and individuals interested in roofing as a profession. The 2-Tier DPU modules include hands-on training and computer-based learning, with the ultimate goal of all employees obtaining a “Pro Certification” from the National Roofing Contractors’ Association.

Deer Park has begun the expansive, new method of training to address the critical shortage of well-trained roofers, help elevate the industry in general and provide career growth for its employees. The SWORWIB and OMJ wanted to invest in success for the company and new hires so the OMJ Business Services Unit stepped in to offer On the Job Training (OJT) reimbursement to stimulate even more investment in the local economy. To date, four new hires are in the OJT pipeline that will result in $20K for the OJT training for Deer Park Roofing.

Deer Park Training Manager Greg Gray commented that OMJ staff member Kathleen Busemeyer “helped us fill out of the paperwork”, “answered all of our questions and was easy to reach anytime we needed assistance”. “We are very excited to partner with OMJ Cincinnati-Hamilton County and bring new roofers for the community"!
Spotlight on Economic Development and Business Services for Expanding Sharonville Company
The Hamilton County Rapid Response team along with the Hamilton County Business Services team is excited to be working closely with StandardAero Component Materials as it opens its newest facility expansion in Sharonville. StandardAero anticipates hiring an additional 300 new technicians as part of its 10-million-dollar expansion.

The Rapid Response team in Hamilton County has had a robust and extensive working relationship with StandardAero for more than five years. Rapid Response works closely with HR and the Operations leadership staff to assist them with identifying the region’s top manufacturing talent.

Providing StandardAero with solid talent by identifying and screening candidates with the necessary skills is how the team delivers real value to StandardAero regularly. Communication is critical to making this relationship work and the HR team at StandardAero is excellent at providing quick and effective feedback on the many resumes of potential employees.

Additionally, On the Job Training (OJT) assistance of up to $5000 per eligible new hire is made available to StandardAero through the OMJ Center. This training is an excellent way for Standard Aero to provide custom onsite training.

StandardAero is one of our region’s most active employers when it comes to hiring events for dislocated workers.  At these hiring events, Standard Aero understands that they can identify high quality; high trained and highly motivated employees with excellent work ethics as well as critical soft skills. These hiring events are usually on the site of an employer who is closing its doors.  Because the impacted workforce face layoffs at no fault of their own they are anxious to identify new employment opportunities and often StandardAero is the perfect match.

Over the last few years StandardAero has hired excellent talent as a result of participating in these hiring events. They have successfully participated in hiring events at the layoff sites of Kellogg’s, McSwain Manufacturing, Cox Media, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing, Vectron, Bosch Battery, OPW, MSM Electronics, just to name a few.  In addition, StandardAero has been part of numerous employment events at the OhioMeansJobs Center/Cincinnati-Hamilton County. 

Our partnership with StandardAero as they enter into this new expansion phase is another opportunity to identify talent for StandardAero and opportunities for laid-off workers to move to their best next job.
Spotlight on Applying for Federal Jobs
Federal Application Workshop

A small group of veterans and other jobseekers were able to learn from Mark Berninger Veteran Outreach Specialist, Cincinnati Vet Center, Department of Veterans Affairs, about the federal application process, looking for federal current job openings and other tips for searching for a federal position with Veterans Affairs. Interested candidates attended the application workshop on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 and for two hours were able to learn about the intricacies of the application process and get answers to other questions about seeking employment with the federal government. Anyone who has tried to apply for a federal job opening knows the challenge of the website and the details required to submit an application. Mark Berninger provides in-depth information about the differences between applying for other types of employment, and for Federal positions, via the website. Anyone interested in a federal job opening would greatly benefit from this workshop. Another workshop will be offered in the second quarter of 2019. Check out our NewsWIB “coming events” for the date.  
Spotlight on Santa Maria AmeriCorps
Project Advance AmeriCorps is one of several AmeriCorps programs in Cincinnati, offering a full time, 11 month service opportunity to individuals who wish to build their career experiences, serve their communities, earn a living stipend and, for successful completion of the service term, earn an education award of about $6,000 towards higher education. The program has been a part of Santa Maria Community Services since 2014, focusing on lifting people from poverty through direct services at several sites. The program operated under the auspices of the Urban Appalachian Council for about 20 years prior to 2014, with the same focus. Every fall 16 individuals are invited to serve in this program, following a competitive application process. They are placed at one of 10 different programs, including 5 programs within Santa Maria Community Services. Other partners include: Cincinnati Health Department, Freestore Foodbank, Healthy Moms & Babes, and Urban League of Southwest Ohio. AmeriCorps members are matched to sites where they use their skills and passion to provide a variety of services, such as tutoring clients, connecting clients to health services or benefits, coaching clients to obtain and retain a job or stable housing. The majority of the members serve at sites in the Price Hill area, due to the extreme needs in this community. Members attend regular training sessions, required as part of their service, on personal and professional development topics.  See flyer below.