NewsWIB February 2019
SWORWIB Annual Meeting
New SWORWIB Board Members
Induction Ceremonies
Board Term completer and new President of the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners (HCBOCC), Denise Driehaus, graced our Annual Meeting for the induction ceremony swearing in new Board Members. On the left is HCBOCC President Denise Driehaus. Right to Left are: Stephanie Summerow Dumas, Vice President of the HCBOCC ( and both President and Vice President are the first women officers and Dumas is the first African American woman in Ohio to serve on a county board of commissioners ); Paula Brehm-Heeger; Michael Prus, DeJuan Gossett, Amy Madliger, Diana Mairose, Diana Small, Chris Xeil Lyons, Jonathan Allen and Khurram Altaf. Not pictured Rene Dean, André Williams and Jennifer Winstel.
10th Anniversary
The 2019 SuperAwards ceremony on February 14th, marked the 10th Anniversary of the SWORWIB SuperAwards.
Super Employers

Cargill was recruiting for well-paying positions in Colorado and reached out to OMJ Cincinnati-Hamilton County. There were 13 hiring events in 2018. A minimum of 90 job offers were made. We want to recognize Teresa Gonzalez, Recruiting Specialist and Angela Creech, Sr. Employee Experience Specialist both of who were not in town for the Annual Meeting.
United Envelope

United Envelope has been a very good employer partner. In addition to holding hiring events at OMJ, they also have hired individuals using the On-the-Job training accounts. They have been very willing as well to participate in community hiring events and job fairs. Representatives Tina Gatto and Louis A. Woerner accepted the award.

Clippard Instrument Labs has participated in multiple iring events and job fairs focused on dislocated workers. They have worked closely with Leah Winkler, our regional Rapid Response Coordinator, to hire dislocated workers. Clippard considered about a half dozen candidates and arranged for on-the-job training for two. Kimberly Herrmann, Talent Acquisition Team Coordinator, received the award.

The Evendale Walmart has used the OMJ Center for hiring events and training activities. They have hired dozens of individuals working with the Business Services Team for recruitment. Training Director Doris J Barnes, accepted the award. 
Super Partners
CAA and Darqueze Dennard

Bengals cornerback, Darqueze Derrell Dennard formed the Dennard Difference Foundation which recently purchased a foreclosed duplex for a needy Cheviot family that lost its single mother and is being adopted by another single mother. Dennard found out about the family plight during a Learning Is Cool event at Cheviot Elementary School. The school principal reached out to CAA’s YouthBuild Academy to see if they would have an interest in doing a service-learning project for the needy family which CAA considered and the YouthBuild students were eager to assist. As a token of his appreciation for the YouthBuild student’s rehab work, he surprised the class with Bengals gear and a personal visit encouraging the students to get their high school diploma and learn a trade as a stepping stone to pursuing their life goals and dreams. The SWORWIB recognizes CAA Youth Build (Mira Smith and Mason Grey accepted the award) and Dennard was at his home in Georgia.
CPS Aspire – Adult 22+ and Career Technical Partnerships

CPS Aspire has actively pursued career technical partnerships for their students and in particular their new Adult 22+ students. Recently they worked with the YWCA First Course program and now are working with Social OTR Restaurant with career training in food preparation and other kitchen skills. Roberta Thomas was recognized for her ASPIRE leadership.
Job Corps and Brogan Tire
Russ Brogan has been the owner of Brogan Tires, Inc. in Cincinnati for 44 years, operating a small automotive shop that has been a work-based learning partner with the Cincinnati Job Corps Center for the last ten years. Brogan is knowledgeable, patient and willing to work with the students. Brogan has participated in the center’s automotive council meetings and has provided first-hand information on how to improve the training. Most of all, he has had a lasting impact on more than 20 young adults and has hired many of them. Russ Brogan and Sharon Thompson of Job Corps accepted the award.
Paula Brehm-Heeger

Paula and her team have undertaken a Workforce Series in Hamilton County Library Branches taught by the OMJ Center Team and allowing the SWORWIB reach to be the OMJ Center and 40 library branches in communities throughout Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Both Randy Strunk and Melissa Harmeling are recognized for their leadership in Hamilton County coordinating a statewide initiative known as the Ohio Drug Free Workforce   Initiative in 2017-2018 and providing information on marijuana and other drugs for employers, service providers and jobseekers. Their effective leadership on this campaign confirmed our selection for IKRON to assist the SWORWIB with Area #13’s Opioid grant for dislocated workers.