NewsWIB May 2019
Spotlight on Labor Market Information
Spotlight on In-Demand Jobs Week
In Ohio
Celebrating In-Demand Jobs Week
An “In-Demand Jobs Week” education workshop was hosted by OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County on May 10 for 17 social workers and case managers from Hamilton County Job & Family Services' CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program) and local non-profits.

Presenter Kathleen Busemeyer discussed various career paths that could intersect with client interests and the training funds that OMJ provides for in-demand industry credentials. Agency representatives who attended all serve clients who have various barriers to employment including previous incarceration, issues relating to addiction and sobriety, having low incomes and lack of transportation.
Using the “In-Demand Jobs” real-time data of Ohio jobs expected to grow over the next 5-10 years allows case managers to provide a more realistic view of career paths. Industries cited include healthcare, skilled trades, logistics, office work, engineering and information systems.

Workshop planners received good feedback:   “The workshop was very helpful to me and will help me educate my clients. I learned about which jobs would provide pathways to advancement and sustainable wages.” “This workshop was very helpful to me and will allow us to create more strategic plans for client success. I learned a lot about which jobs provide sustainable pay and pathways to career advancement.” “Learning about ‘in-demand’ careers is vital due to the constant changes in business operations and the continuous demand for services and products.”

For a list of OhioMeansJobs short-term training certification providers please click here.
Spotlight on Sharonville Employers
Second Annual Workforce Development Forum

The Sharonville Chamber of Commerce hosted its second annual Workforce Development Forum at the Sharonville Convention Center. Hosted in partnership with #SharonvilleWorks presenting sponsor, the City of Sharonville Economic Development Department and education sponsor, Great Oaks Career Campuses, the half-day session was held to spotlight success stories of partnerships among local companies, workforce programs, and regional education providers. The forum focused on finding, training and retaining employees in this tight labor market.
Nearly 100 employers and workforce development professionals participated in the forum. Representatives from a variety of organizations, including The Jurgensen Companies, Nehemiah Manufacturing, Kroger Manufacturing, StandardAero, Saint Joseph Home, Great Oaks Career Campuses, Princeton City School District, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services - Rapid Response, and Southwest Ohio Region Workforce investment Board, shared insights and best practices in talent development, non-traditional labor sources, leveraging educational partnerships and attraction/retention approaches enabled by focusing on work culture and benefits. 
Sherry Kelley Marshall, SWORWIB president and Harry Snyder, Great Oaks president (pictured on the left) discussed available resources fo r talent development, from training and placement services to in-demand job information, partnerships forged with Sharonville businesses and educators were featured.
Organizations like CET TV and Sharonville cable also helped convey the benefits of career exploration.
SWORWIB board member and Jurgensen Companies Executive Vice President Jackie Alf (pictured on right), teamed with Tom Burton, Superintendent of Princeton City Schools to discuss ways to leverage educational partnerships. They led the audience through an interactive learning exercise to demonstrate the benefits of adapting to change as, according to Burton, "We can't be bound by traditional thinking to solve today's workforce challenges." Alf, who employs several Princeton students, shared the value of flexibility and sharing success stories (and employer needs) using social media and hashtags, which garners greater exposure and connectivity.
Erica Simmons, Kroger Manufacturing Co.; Katie Schad, Beacon of Hope; Elle Baker, Nehemiah; Dan Semsel, Ohio Department of Veteran Services; and Leah Winkler, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, discussed identifying and strengthening connections with individuals in non-traditional labor pools.
Spotlight on Regional Representative
for Governor's Office
Joshua Tovey Tours Southwest Ohio Region

President Marshall invited Joshua Tovey, Southwest Regional Liaison for Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, to WIOA Area #13 in May. Tovey joined Marshall at the May Quarterly Business and Community Breakfast at Princeton High School complimenting Superintendent Burton, the principal, faculty, students and support staff for the terrific turnout of business and community to engage with soon-to-graduate students and to share reviews about Princeton’s Work Ethic Certificate Program.

Tovey complimented Princeton for the breakfast gatherings with local employers and community leaders, supported the work ethic certificate program, complimented Princeton on their Military Signing Day Ceremonies which he was not able to attend but was informed by Marshall to learn more from the Princeton and SWORWIB website. Tovey committed to sharing his new knowledge and experience with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor relative to the education and workforce partnership underway with Princeton, SWORWIB, Great Oaks, participating local employers and the Sharonville Economic Development Department. Tovey returned to the WIOA Workforce Area #13 Cincinnati/Hamilton County on May 22 for a tour of the OhioMeansJobs Center and an introduction to Board Orientation by President Marshall as an “induction” experience for working with the SWORWIB.
Spotlight on CCMEP
CCMEP Goal4IT! TM Training Sessions

The SWORWIB and OMJ Cincinnati/Hamilton County hosted the Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) and Mathematica Policy Research team as they joined forces to deliver Goal4IT! training sessions to practitioners from Hamilton, Scioto, Clark and Stark counties. Goal4IT! is an evidence-informed, customer-centered framework for setting and achieving goals in human services (such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and workforce programs. This simple habit-forming, repeatable process helps customers set meaningful goals, break goals down into manageable steps, develop specific steps to achieve them, and regularly review goal progress.
Drawing from work from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, Goal4IT! focuses on improving outcomes for children and families using three primary strategies:
(1) reducing external sources of stress, (2) strengthening core life skills, and (3) creating responsive relationships within and beyond the program.

The day-and-a-half-day working sessions were designed to educate all on the mission/vision and process of the new customer-centered framework; engage in the science related to executive functioni