NewsWIB September 2019
Spotlight on Labor Market Information
Spotlight on Construction Sector
Workforce Summit II
On September 11, 2019, ACI welcomed its member companies to their Workforce Summit II focused on the future of construction workforce recruitment and skills training and hosted at the Interact for Health meeting room in the Rookwood Center area. 
SWORWIB President Sherry Kelley Marshall introduced keynote speaker, Dr .Eric Rademacher,   Ph.D., and Co-Director of the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati, and a SWORWIB Board Member. Dr. Rademacher has been involved in a variety of research efforts and in particular workforce related research studies, including the Jobs Outlook 2020 A Regional Indicators Report and the recently released update JOBS OUTLOOK 2028-Data and insights on job growth in the Cincinnati Region 2018-2028 Findings from this most recent Jobs Outlook data notes critical upcoming trends and identifies occupations that most likely to be affected by artificial intelligence. He shared the highlights most important to the construction industry and anticipated changes as remaining baby-boomer construction talent prepares to and eventually does retire. For those who were not at the Workforce Summit and have not heard a summary from the newest Jobs Outlook research, click here for a copy of the executive summary of the Jobs Outlook 2028.
Spotlight on Employer
Duke Energy requested assistance from Rosemary Peterson with the Business Service Unit for recruiting Customer Service Representatives, particularly for posting the position on Ms. Peterson posted the position but also suggested a hiring event hosted at the OMJ Center.  Duke Energy expressed extreme appreciation about their Hiring Event held on September 6, 2019 with an outcome of approximately 40 applicants. Dawn Ashley, Recruiter for Duke Energy, indicated their plans to host future hiring events at the OMJ Center she further commented that there was a great amount of excitement and positive response to the event through the participation of partner organizations. Ms. Ashley expressed appreciation for Rosemary’s creativity, support and hard work on behalf of Duke’s recruitment needs.
Pictured left to right:  Dawn Ashley, Recruiter for Duke Energy, Rosemary Peterson, OMJ Business Services and Matthew Grant, Recruitment Specialist
Spotlight on Workforce
by Elected Officials
On Friday, September 6 Congressman Warren Davidson, REDI Cincinnati, Miami University of America Learning Center, the Chambers of Commerce serving Fairfield, Greater Hamilton, Oxford, Mason/Deerfield, Middletown/Monroe/Trenton and West Chester/Liberty jointly hosted the 2019 Workforce Solutions Summit 2.0: How to Find Talent in a Tight Labor Market. Pictured above is the panel on “Solutions You Can Use Now” featuring Disability Employment Services, Military Hiring, Second Chance Strategies, Recruitment Best Practices and Innovative Strategies in a Tapped Labor Market that was presented by SWORWIB President Sherry Kelley Marshall (pictured at the podium) and Erica Simmons representing the apprenticeship model partnership with the SWORWIB. Another panel addressed “How the Benefit Cliff Affects Business” with State Senator William P. Coley, State Representative Paul Zeltwanger, Kimberly Hall, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Holly Hankinson of the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  United States Congressman Warren Davidson, State Senator William P. Coley and State Representative Paul Zeltwanger also responded directly to participants as part of the “Workforce Conversation with Your Elected Officials”. A Lunch breakout session for Q&A with presenters was also available.
Spotlight on Cincinnati Program for
the Governor's Workforce Board
Ohio’s Workforce Board executives were invited to the Governor's Workforce Board meeting at AEP Transmission Center in New Albany on Wednesday, September 18 th.

The agenda included several presentations, one on the well-established Nehemiah Manufacturing Company and another on the well-recognized but yet-to-be-resolved ongoing transportation challenge in most Ohio communities.