NewsWIB June 2020
Spotlight on Labor Market Information
New Technology Training in Cincinnati
Pay It Forward Cincinnati , a 501c3 nonprofit, empowers people to bring positive change to Greater Cincinnati through nonprofit grants, pathways to employment in tech for people facing underemployment and a scholarship program. They are offering another model of a technology bootcamp.  
Learn to code now and pay tuition only after getting hired!
Are you looking for a new career? Have you considered starting a career in the growing field of tech but thought you couldn't afford to get the training? We are officially launching Tech 2 Thrive , a new Pay it Forward Cincinnati program designed to remove the financial barriers associated with tech training.
Tech 2 Thrive makes tech careers accessible for everyone by removing the financial barriers associated with coding boot camps and technical training. Our deferred payment model allows students to enroll in a coding bootcamp today with a $500 deposit and pay back the tuition only after gaining employment making at least $45,000 annually.  
Courses are Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. The upcoming course starts in September 2020.

This program is for anyone who demonstrates economic need, an aptitude for a career in IT and is committed to completing an 11-week coding bootcamp. View the  eligibility criteria  to see if you qualify or use this link:   For questions, please contact Elena Terán at .
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The Kable Academy began delivering Information Technology Training on June 22 nd  at the 1819 University of Cincinnati Innovation Hub in the Cincinnati Bell Innovation area and will complete on September 24 th . The current class is 10 students, 80% of whom are people of color. The next Kable Academy class is about Cybersecurity and starts on Monday, July 8 th with 24 students registered. Next classes will be September 21 st in Web Development and September 28 th in Cybersecurity. Graduating students will be able to work with an IT Employment Assistance Specialist to support each student to create their story to share with interested employers. If you are interested in exploring the upcoming classes, please go to or call 513-881-2901.
Spotlight on the SWORWIB's
Construction Resource Booklet
Special Thanks to ACI for including an excerpt of information from the SWORWIB’s Construction Resource Booklet in the Spring 2020 The Constructor Magazine . We also share congratulations to SWORWIB Board Member Stephanie Hall, D.A.G. Construction, who was featured in the Resource Booklet and is a new ACI Board member. Our two pages excerpt was included in the Spring 2020 The Constructor as an “external publication” on Page 24. You can review the full Construction Resource Booklet at
Spotlight on Partners
The Library offers Summer Learning
Summer Learning for Youth
  • If you’re serving youth, especially those without easy access to a library branch, we can send you summer learning materials to distribute at your location. We’re offering one free book for youth to keep as well as a free STEM activity book for the following age categories: pre-school, elementary school, middle school and high school. We also have an early literacy calendar available for pre-school families. If you’re interested in distributing these items, please let me know. Learn more about our summer learning resources and activities at
  • July 6 – 11th is National #SummerLearningWeek! The Library along with other community organizations like Great Parks, the Museum Center and the YMCA are planning some fun online learning activities around the theme of food. Be sure to check them out!

Library Services Right Now  
  • You are welcome to bring back your materials to any location except Price Hill. Materials that are returned are quarantined for 3 days before they are processed, so your account will not show a change for those 3 days.  Materials will be checked in without incurring a late fee.   
  • You can place new holds on materials. To find out whether your location is open yet for material pick-up and how curbside service works, visit our blog. Please know that holds are taking longer than usual due to reduced staffing. We apologize for any delay. 
  • These branches are providing curbside or drive-thru service only 10 am to 6 pm Mon. through Sat.: Anderson, Blue Ash, Clifton, Covedale, Delhi, Green Township, Groesbeck, Harrison, Hyde Park, Loveland, North Central, Oakley, Reading, Sharonville, Symmes, Walnut Hills, and Wyoming  
  • These branches are open for in-person service and curbside/drive-thru service 10 am to 6 pm Mon. through Sat.: Avondale, College Hill, Madisonville, downtown Main Library, Forest Park, Mariemont, Monfort Heights, Pleasant Ridge, St. Bernard, Westwood and West End 
  • In-person service is limited to one hour, and we are not accepting groups at this time, as locations are open with limited occupancy  
  • The downtown Main Library Makerspace is open by reservation only. Customers can make reservations using this online form (a library card number is needed). Please note that not all MakerSpace equipment will be available right away. We will post a blog entry on our website soon with more information. To learn more about our Makerspace, visit our web site

Learn more about  when other locations are opening  and  what to expect

Closed for Independence Day  
All Library locations will be closed Saturday, July 4 th  for the holiday. Open locations will be operating Friday, July 3 rd , from 10 am to 6 pm. 

No Overdue Fines for 2020  
Are overdue fines keeping you or your constituents away from the library? Earlier this month the Library’s Board of Trustees  voted to eliminate overdue fines  through 2020 and to wipe existing overdue fines from customer accounts. Starting July 1 st  Library staff will begin removing existing overdue fines on customer accounts. This is a manual process that will take a couple of weeks. Customers do not need to contact the Library to have their fines removed.  Please note that fees for materials that are unreturned after 45 days of being overdue, lost, or damaged will not be cleared, and payment is still expected for those materials. 

Featured Events
  • Join us July 2nd from 10 am to noon for an introduction to finding grants for your organization. Learn more about this free, virtual event on our web site.
  • Join us for free weekly virtual Coffee Breaks if you’re a parent or caregiver who’s looking for some support and connection right now. Visit our online calendar to find the next one.
Spotlight on American Graduate
Emmy Award for
"Career Path Less Taken"
For the last couple of years, CET along with ideastream/Cleveland and WOSU Public Media/Columbus brought together thought-leaders from Workforce Boards, Educators, and others in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus under a grant from the Corporation for Public Television focused on American Graduate: Getting to Work. In Cincinnati, SWORWIB and many of the OMJ and SWORWIB partners along with others, have contributed to this work, and in particular a documentary, The Career Path Less Taken, that aired last September as part of the American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative.

We are delighted to announce that Mark Lammers/ CET received a regional Emmy Award for the Career Path Less Taken documentary. The award was announced at the June 20, 2020 Saturday night awards ceremony in Cleveland for the Lower Great Lakes Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). The documentary continues to be used across the state in a variety of settings. You can view it here: .

In addition to the top talent CET team of Mark Lammers, Gloria Skurski and Jason Dennison, the following members of the Partner Advisory Committee have been integrally involved and supportive of this unique opportunity: Terry Benedict, Cincinnati State; Cheryl Brackman, Cincinnati State; Tom Burton, Princeton City Schools; Ericka Copeland-Dansby, CYC; Robert Elmore, Chatfield College; Peter Hanson, Chatfield College; Errin Howard, RiverWorks Discovery; Liz Jensen, Kettering Schools; Sean Kelley, University of Cincinnati; Sherry Kelley Marshall, SWORWIB; Tonja Key, Princeton City Schools; Nancy Mulvey, Great Oaks; Mike Parry, Grant Center; Rick Pearce, The Chamber of Commerce - Serving Middletown, Monroe, Trenton; Laura Sage, Butler Tech; David Siders, Cincinnati Public Library; Bryan Stewart, Earn to Learn Dayton; India Strothe, Dayton Public Schools; Mike Turner, CPS Career Technical Manager; Jordan Vogel, CincinnatiUSA Chamber.

The Committee members and the top CET talent have continued to share ideas, feedback and support helping to make this documentary the powerful piece that it is and a resource for our community and state. CONGRATS MARK, GLORIA AND JASON AND ALL OF US WHO PARTICIPATED. (P.S. THIS IS THE SECOND AWARD FOR OUR CET LEADERS FOR QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION DOCUMENTARY. CONGRATS TO ALL). 
Spotlight on New Horizon Cincinnati
Featured Eligible Training Provider
Arnyka worked at her parents’ business for J & S Harris Homes for 12 years. It was a small agency/home for developmentally disabled individuals – 50 patients or less. Her parents retired and closed the business. She completed the New Horizon’s Business Administration Associate program in December 2019 and was determining next steps in career and job search (after the cocoon of being in a family business environment without exposure to corporation operations). That’s when she began working with New Horizons Career Services team to make her resume more effective for her goals; cover letter tailoring for several job applications; LinkedIn profile updating based upon content in new resume; and job search and career coaching (determining next title and type of company that would be best fit). Arnyka accepted a contract position at Christ Hospital, as HR Operations Specialist, in February 2020 and gained her desired role (full time) at GSF USA, Inc. as HR Generalist in May 2020.
The ETP Committee will receive annual performance results from our approved trainers by July 15th and prepare for the committee deliberation on results and renewals.
Spotlight on Youth
In-School Youth
Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (JCG)
Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (JCG) Youth
Hard at Work throughout Pandemic
JAG is the national Jobs for America’s Graduates, with an Ohio statewide organization for Jobs for America’s Graduates in Ohio and the statewide host of the many competitions that builds on youth competencies. Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (JCG) is the SWORWIB’s only in-school youth program contractor.

JCG youth are proving their tenacity during difficult times! School shut down the last three months of their senior year and they still graduated. Employers shut down and as youth who were essential workers continued to work, some even found new employment. The world seemed to stop for a while and they continued to plan for their future.

The Taft Information Technology’s Class of 2020, as one school, shared three youth stories from WIOA-funded youth who obtained summer employment:
Destiny Debellevue is working at Gold Star Chili and Outback Steak House. She is also making plans to move to Europe in 2021 to pursue Culinary Arts. 

Ja’Nesha Sullivan is working at The Home Depot; will be attending U.C. in the fall and wants to become a chiropractor. Ja’Nesha is also participating in JCG’s SWEO (Summer Work Experience Opportunity) and will be working with Habitat Cincinnati.
Gloria Stanford is working at Kroger and The Home Depot. She plans to attend UC in the fall. She is one of the Cincinnati Bell Scholarship winners, Macy’s Spirit Award, Gen 1 Housing Selection at UC and JOG (Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates) Public Speaking 2nd Place Award Winner. Gloria is also a SWEO intern and is participating in JCG’s SWEO program working with G.C.M.I (Great Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative) to learn about being an entrepreneur.
Summer Work Experience Opportunity (SWEO) Program
In the midst of COVID, JCG’s Summer Work Experience Opportunity is a combination of remote, on-site and blended experiences. Even so, SWEO is still a well - structured employability skills learning opportunity that takes place in a workplace setting mirroring the students post-secondary career goal(s). The SWEO format is intended to serve as the vehicle for introducing youth to the actual workplace environment, responsibilities and comradery necessary for goal achievement in their specific career. New this year is introducing youth to an emerging work environment and having a front row seat to employers making a shift of how and where work is accomplished, with an emphasis learning problem-solving skills, personal responsibility and accountability, flexibility and transferable skills in this new world environment.  This experience will still provide increased career awareness and exposure to new and different opportunities to help make informed and alternative career choices. The primary intent of this work experience is to help youth understand proper workplace behavior and what is necessary in order to attain and retain employment.

This year 47 youth are participating in SWEO and have been placed in an experience as close to their career field of interest as possible. This year’s partners include: ACI (Allied Construction Industries), Cincinnati Cooks, Cincinnati Herald, G.C.M.I. (Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative), Great Oaks Health Professions Academy, Habitat Cincinnati, Kable Academy, MORTAR Cincinnati, and St. Vincent DePaul. In addition to the high school SWEO program, JCG is also offering a SWWE (Summer World of Work Experience) program for 7 th & 8 th grade JCG Middle School youth. The JCG Summer Work Experience Opportunity and Summer World of Work Experience programs are funded by the SWORWIB, Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services and grants from Citi Foundation and the City of Cincinnati. 
Construction Industry Training Academy
The Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates program is again partnering with Allied Construction Industries this summer to offer a comprehensive construction training program to JCG youth interested in Construction and/or the skilled professional trades.  Two youth are participating this year, Daniel Nortila and Niarh Williams, both from Oyler High School. They will be exposed to a wide-variety of topics including: What to expect in Construction, Career opportunities, Job site overview: Basic safety, Awareness and PPE, Drawings, Projects, Measuring, Blue prints, Math: theory, application and practice, Tools: Hand and power, ID and application, safety and maintenance. They will also have an opportunity to interact with guest speakers from the construction industry and apprenticeships. In addition, one day was spent at Bobcat Enterprises Training where they were trained and tested in Aerial Work Platform Operator Training. Youth will have to opportunity to earn NCCER and Bobcat certifications.