NewsWIB September 2020
Center Update
The COVID pandemic has challenged state and local resources as well as operations for OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) Centers and unemployment services throughout the state. As Governor DeWine continues the stay-at-home orders for state workers, schools, events and other activities, the SWORWIB and OMJ Center would like customers to know that they can reach out to the OMJ Staff as directed below seek help with your workforce needs. Please use the information below for your first contact for help and/or services. Please contact Sherry Kelley Marshall, SWORWIB President & CEO if you are unable to connect with our largely home-based team members.
Important Contact Information
OhioMeansJobs Center Services 
For general information: (513) 946-7200
For Prevention, Retention
and Contingency (PRC)
The PRC plan for Hamilton County is to facilitate programs by the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services (HCJFS) or through contracts with other public entities and/or local community service providers.

and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
WIOA is designed to help Americans, including youth and those with significant barriers to employment, into high-quality jobs and careers and help employers hire and retain skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.
Charles Walters: Phone number: (513) 946-7242

For One on One Job Search Assistance
 Tim Scott: Phone number: (513) 946-7214

Website for Job Search and Online Training

Important Contact
Information Regarding
The Ohio Unemployment Office

For ‘PIN’ reset call: 1-866-962-4064
Main phone number: Toll free: 1-877-644-6562
Hearing impaired TTY Service dial
Toll Free: 1-888-642-8203

** Please note: There are no local or physical
Ohio Unemployment offices. **
Live On-Line Workshops
OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County is working to offer regularly scheduled live on-line workshops.

On Wednesday, August 26th our debut workshops “Financial well-being strengths, values & strategies: become a cash expert and increase your wealth" and "Present yourself as a professional and gain the winning edge with recruiters", were conducted by Charlene Davis, President of C. Renee H.R. Consulting, LLC.

The financial workshop several people, even though there was a communication glitch in the link to the soft skills workshop was not published. 

The first run was meant to capture any glitches that might pop up and other than not including the link to the soft skills workshop in advertising, the presentations went very well without technical issues. The attendees were upbeat and able to interact with the presenter. 

Renee is developing her schedule to offer the above two workshops every other week. She is also working on a new presentation that offers tips and direction on how to interview well on-line. This is a practical and valuable workshop for jobseekers as employers move and more toward on-line interviewing.

The OhioMeansJobs center will send links and dates, when the workshop schedule is finalized. We hope to attract attendees when jobseekers learn that we are offering live on-line workshops on a regular schedule.

In the meantime, our website at, offers links to many excellent on-line learning opportunities, such as the following: 
Microsoft Office Training – Learn as many of the Microsoft Office programs as you’d like. Lessons range from beginner to advanced levels.
5 Free GED Classes for Adults – GED Preparation
Go Learn Free – Computer Skills and Job Search (Go to the drop-down on the top right to choose Topics)
Khan Academy – Lesson Topics for Everyone.
Spotlight on Veterans
Vets O.N.E. Award
It gives us great pleasure to announce that Area 15 (OhioMeansJobs Washington County) and Area 13 (OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati – Hamilton County) were chosen as this year’s Gold and Silver Level (respectively) recipients of the Vets O.N.E. Incentive Award. This award is given annually to an OhioMeansJobs Center or Workforce Area that provides extraordinary and commendable service to veterans and improves service delivery to veterans. It is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize the best of the best within Ohio.

In choosing the recipient, several things are considered, including efforts at providing employment and training services to United States veterans or other eligible persons. The recipient’s actions must show that they directly affected a single veteran or a category of veterans (e.g., Special Disabled Veteran(s)). In addition, exceptional services provided to hard-to-serve veterans, such as homeless veterans, were taken into consideration.

Each year, the Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) Program sets aside 1% of the funds available under the grant for the purpose of performance incentive awards. Area 15 (OhioMeansJobs Washington County) received the incentive funds to donate to the Legion of American Veterans INC. American Legion Post 64 of Marietta, Ohio. Area 13 (OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati – Hamilton County) received incentive funds to donate to the Volunteers of America. Both 501(c)(3) organizations provide supportive services to veterans within their community.
Spotlight on Business
#LoveSmallBusiness: On the Job (OJT) Funds Help Local Business Stay Strong
Despite the tumultuous year so far, start-up C. Renee H.R. Consulting, LLC has continued to keep its “doors open.” Even during the pandemic’s unprecedented disruption to our economy, CEO, Ms. Charlene R. Davis, states that her business continues to grow. OhioMeansJobs/Cincinnati-Hamilton County’s (OMJ) On the Job Training (OJT) program’s wage reimbursement has played an important part in that success.

The OJT reimbursement provided Ms. Davis with the extra operating cushion to hire an H.R. assistant who has helped to keep the company running smoothly. The OJT program has also allowed Ms. Davis to provide opportunities for career growth for her staff member. Her H.R. Assistant, Ms. Griffin, states that she has “enjoyed the work that we do here helping individuals and companies to assess, build, and develop the human capital within their organizations. It’s been a great experience so far and I’ve also learned quite a bit about how to how to build a successful consulting firm.”
“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with BSU team members throughout the OJT process. The team has provided me with excellent, detailed information and customer service and have assisted me and Ms. Griffin (my new HR Assistant) with any questions or needs that have arisen during the process. They continue to be a great resource to me.

I’m appreciative of being a business partner with the OhioMeansJobs/Cincinnati-Hamilton County and the OJT program which has helped my company and Ms. Griffin gain the training and knowledge needed to achieve, succeed, and thrive in her career field now and in the future.”
Spotlight on Eligible Training Providers
New Career Path due to COVID-19
Kevin Stallings has worked in the production unit at Serta Simmons Bedding since May 1997 and was making $19.98 an hour in March 2020 when he was laid off due to COVID shut down. during the shutdown he began training at Napier with the assistance of the Area #13 OhioMeansJobs Center. Two weeks into class, he was called back to work and he told his boss he was in CDL school so they offered him a driving position after he obtained his license. Kevin completed school with the weekend class and will be earning a salary of $72,000 as a driver for Serta.
CityLink Center Launches
New Education Partnership
CityLink Center is launching a new post-secondary partnership with a national best practice partner. PelotonU, based out of Austin, Texas, has built a pathway for working adults to successfully complete their Associates and Bachelor’s degrees.

“College is still one of the few proven pathways to the middle class, and a degree continues to correlate with economic mobility; however, barriers to persistence and graduation continue to exist, particularly for students who would benefit from flexible and accelerated programs. PelotonU's mission is to provide these students - called ‘post-traditional’ - with a pathway and the support to graduate from college on-time and with little to no debt,” explains PelotonU Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Sarah Saxton-Frump.

As 74% of college students are now post-traditional, typically working adults, we need new flexible and dynamic opportunities for individuals to advance their education. PelotonU matches students with the best online degree programs that are nonprofit, accredited, and affordable while adding the power of community and coaching. Students are 5X more likely to graduate on time, earning an associate degree on average in 18 months and a bachelor's degree in 3 years, all with little-to-no debt.
CityLink supports clients in entering and completing programs to advance their education, careers, and financial well-being. With this new partnership CityLink and existing partners will support clients through case management and barrier removal services.

CityLink surveyed current clients and received over 100 responses overnight expressing interest in the program. “CityLink Center brings together our community and country’s best service providers with one goal, helping our clients achieve their goals and advance their family’s lives”, said Dani Watkins, Program Director of CityLink Center. “We are thrilled to bring this incredible opportunity for our neighbors to advance their education and livelihoods through PelotonU”.

The partnership was born out of a common appreciation for one another’s approach, outcomes, and culture of care for our clients. “We admire CityLink's mission and work to transform lives by providing an integrated path to holistic life-change. Similar to CityLink's approach to be the one place where individuals go to get access to the resources they need, PelotonU provides every student with a College Completion Coach who becomes their one point-person for help across enrollment, financial aid, and tutoring to see them to graduation. With PelotonU's college coaching expertise and CityLink's relationships, trust, and knowledge of Cincinnati, we know we can provide students with an amazing college experience.” commented Sarah.
The partnership was also uniquely born out of an appreciation for the needs and possibility of these times. “While PelotonU has historically provided its services in person in Austin, we've joined many in using the challenges COVID presented to re-imagine how we might serve more folks. Once we transformed our services from in person to virtual and saw that students continued to thrive, we knew it made sense to find a like-minded partner outside Austin to join our community. Enter CityLink!”

The FC Cincinnati Foundation is an early investor, helping to fund this program to support members of the West End and greater Cincinnati community. Cincinnati Bell has also come alongside CityLink Center in offering affordable access to Internet services to support the online education format.

Individuals interested in the program should call CityLink at 513-357-2000 to begin their next steps towards a college degree.

For more information on CityLink Center, visit
For more information on PelotonU, visit
For more information about the collaborative, visit
2020-2021 Eligible Training Providers
With Satisfactory Results for
WIOA Funding Investments
APPROVED – Meets or Exceeds the SWORWIB criteria clearly stated and evaluated annually by the SWORWIB.
Dohn 22+ Community High School
Great Oaks Career Campuses
Mercy Neighborhood Ministries
New Horizon Computer Learning Center
Flamingo Air
Max Technical Training
Napier Truck Driving
Tech Elevator
CONDITIONAL – Awaiting completion results for customers crossing over time frames or requiring WIOA
Funds and/or debt assumption.
160 Driving Academy
Easterseals TriState LLC
HCAN - Health Care Access Now
Anderson Academy of Dental Assisting
Elite Welding Academy
PROVISIONAL – No prior experience in Area #13. Number of provisional customers will be determined by the SWORWIB and is contingent in Area #13 for evaluation results.
ADAPT Academy of Dental Assisting
Making-A-Change Cincy
The Kable Group
Eureka! Ranch
* See detailed Eligible Training Provider Criteria @ / Training Provider Criteria
SWORWIB Partners Corner
VANTAGE Senior Community Service
Employment Program (SCSEP)