February 2021 NewsWIB
SWORWIB Annual Meeting
New SWORWIB Board Members
Induction Ceremony
Each February for the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee and Board welcome the new SWORWIB Board Members. Hamilton County Board of Commissioners President Stephanie Summerow Dumas provided the induction ceremony commitment and all new board members have been seated.
12th Anniversary
Executive Transition Team
Since the announcement of Sherry Kelley Marshall's retirement the Executive Transition Team has been extra busy with recruitment, interviewing and final selection of the two new SWORWIB staff. Jason Ashbrook as Executive Director and Lamont Taylor as Deputy Director. The full SWORWIB board recognized the featured committee members for their dedication to the SWORWIB through the recruitment and interview process.
Nominating Committee SuperAward
The SWORWIB gives extra thanks this year to the members of the SWORWIB Nominating Committee for excelled candidate recruitment and confirmation for the SWORWIB Board with a two-year term of January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2023.
OMJ Center COVID Warriors
Top Left to Right: Kevin Holt, OMJ Center, Director; Wes Miller, Property Manger; Melody Collins. Bottom Left to Right: Sheriff Mac, Rosemary Peterson, Tawnya Carpenter, Richelle Richardson, Tim Scott, Kelly Herbers. Not Pictured; Daniel Bieh.
The SWORWIB honors the OMJ Team Members who volunteered to be scheduled for time at the OMJ Center to serve customers, make phone and email connections and stand in solidarity with our negatively impacted customers, callers and colleagues.
Unique Contributors
In the midst of COVID, Board Members and Kroger leader Mark Dierig accepted a challenge by President Marshall for Kroger to consider extending the fuel points given the dramatic drop in travel due to COVID. Dierig advocated for the extension and announced to the Board Kroger's commitment to SWORWIB's suggestion.
When the Department of Labor and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services closed the youth initiative for Wage Pathway advancement, President Marshall advocated for the exceptional benefit to still be available. Marshall encouraged HCJFS to continue because the Wage Pathway mirrored the "reward and support system" of more intact and financially stronger families and youth who experienced routine rewards for routine and ongoing beneficial actions by young people. Special thanks to HCJFS and program coordinator Jamie Ireland for continuing the approach and rewarding our youth customers who maintain and achieve their goals to receive earned resources through the HCJFS Avenues to Success program.
Super Employers
Faxon Machining Inc., A Forest Park "specialist in the dart of deep hole drilling and CNC machining" through Craig Bailey, Manager of H.R. at Faxon Machining, the company hired 25+ new employees and has plans to fill a variety of positions in the near future.

Founded in 1978 as a family-owned business, Faxon Machining, Inc. has evolved into a 185,000 square foot of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on 15 acres. Faxon supports product and system development from concept and prototype through production for various Industries as well the U.S. Air Force. Faxon's vast capabilities and experience in manufacturing combined with creativity and innovation are key in meeting current and future customer demands. With all the physical capabilities Faxon has to offer, the most important component is the Faxon Team. It is all about the people!

OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County's Business Services team works with Faxon Machining to promote their job openings and connect them with other services as their hiring needs expand.
Back Left to Right: Miquel Faustino, VP and General Manger; Alan Bensman, former Board Member, Director of Development Services. Front Left to Right: Claudia Hayes, Learning & Development Manager; Sherry Kelley Marshall, SWORWIB President/CEO
In 2017 President Marshall received funding from the Midwest Urban Strategies Consortium to build a manufacturing apprenticeship programs in Cincinnati-Hamilton County. Of the group of manufacturers who participated, ThermoFisher Scientific had six completers, two men, and four women, one Caucasian and five Minority apprentices. Marshall complemented ThermoFisher Scientific for their use of apprenticeship to expand skills and opportunities for interested employees.
Rosemary Peterson with the Business Service Unit helped Duke Energy with recruitment for customers service representatives. Posting on also lead Duke to recruit through OMJ Hiring Events. Duke Energy recruiters expressed appreciation for the creativity and support on behalf of Duke’s recruitment needs.
Reiser & Company a small accounting firm in Hamilton County was seeking to hire a veteran and worked with the state veterans’ services and the OMJ’s Business services unit to identify a candidate. Additional training was needed by the company so an on-the-job training account was funded to skill up the veteran.