June 2021 NewsWIB
Spotlight on SWORWIB
Regional Strategic Plan Completed
and Submitted to the State
Every four years, the SWORWIB articulates strategies to elevate the quality of our workforce and connect jobseekers and employers through a Regional Strategic Plan. Public comment and partner buy-in are essential in this process, since the new Plan is ultimately designed to strengthen this region, we call “home.”

During our creation of the 2021-2025 plan, our home - and the entire world - was still determining how to deal with COVID-19 and its aftereffects to the regional workforce.
Given the catastrophic impact of COVID on every facet of the region’s workforce network, the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board (SWORWIB)/Area 13 felt it critical to use this planning time to both conduct a “temperature check” with its constituents and collect qualitative feedback to help inform the 2021-25 plan.
SWORWIB led the coordination and development of this regional plan, starting with a thorough review of our network of organizations, partner entities, employers and individuals to identify nine key Affinity Groups to provide us with a truly diverse and representative view of needs and opportunities for improvement. We also took this opportunity to assess the effect of COVID on these key groups and their constituents.
And we’re glad we did. By hearing what is important to each of the major groups we serve and learning more about the barriers each faces, we are better equipped to act on their behalf. We also stay relevant, which is the purpose of any strategic plan.

Our plan seeks to address challenges we’re facing in technology, transportation, childcare and offer greater awareness of and connectivity to the workforce resources we provide today. One of our biggest takeaways was the desire among our partners for greater collaboration to both solve and serve. Simply stated, our partners are more willing than ever to lend their support to greater collaboration to ensure easier, unobstructed workforce development access for all!

Community and public engagement during the development of the Plan was exceptional, as evidenced by receiving over 100 public comments and surveys. This critical feedback also serves to guide our actions as we execute the 2021-25 plan.

We invite you to learn more about the new Regional Strategic Plan by visiting
OMJ4PWD Committee Re-Launches
with a New Chairperson!
After a break in 2020 (courtesy of COVID), the OMJ4PWD (OhioMeansJobs 4 People With Disabilities) Committee has relaunched! The Committee provides support to the SWORWIB, OMJ Center and youth providers in serving people with disabilities. Committee membership is comprised of a partnership with other service agencies, including opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), a state agency with local/regional operations. The OMJ4PWD Committee is responsible for the following:

·        Reviewing the performance for serving people with disabilities;
·        Helping the OMJ team become familiar with all the resources available in the community; and
·        Providing advice to the Board about services and assistive devices needed in the OMJ Center. 
The Committee features a new Chairperson, Jennifer Roeder, Supervisor with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD). Thank you, Jennifer, for your leadership!
The committee met virtually on Thursday June 10, 2021 at 10:30AM. The featured topics of this meeting included:
-      COVID’s impact on individuals with disabilities
-      LMI data on the pandemic’s resulting economic affect on job seekers with disabilities
-      Strategies to address challenges
-      Updates from partnering organization/programs
For more information on the OMJ4PWD Committee, contact