JCG Competitions and Career Development Conference

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative’s Jobs for Cincinnati’s Graduates Program held their 40th Annual Career Development Conference on April 26th at Sharonville Convention Center. This year’s conference theme was “JCG: Investing in your Future”.                    
Student competitors from Aiken New Tech, Hughes STEM, North College Hill, Oyler, Shroder, Taft Information Technology, Western Hills University, Winton Woods, Withrow University, and Woodward Career Technical High Schools competed in the areas of Public Speaking, Students for Service, Cover Design, Customer Service Telephone Techniques, Application Completion, Employability Skills Testing, Interviewing, Decision Making, and Team Challenge and were judged by following business and community leaders: Allison Waldorf, AT&T; Jeff Hoevener and Ryan Fleener, Cargill; Megan Jilg, Citi Bank; Tamara Thrasher, Green Light Fund; Mo Kelly, Society of St. Vincent De Paul; Jymi Boulden, Art Beyond Boundaries; Drea Brison, Art by Drea B, Damian Hoskins, Elementz; Sharon Hardy, Hoxworth; Rabina Anand, CYC; Aileen Cobbs, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Tracy Stillwell, Cincinnati Public Schools; Bill Brown, Retired; and Sharon Thompson, Retired.
The following Finalist went on to compete at the Jobs for Ohio’s Graduate Statewide Competitions in Columbus on May 2ndPublic Speaking – 1st Place: Roberta Hodge, North College Hill (2nd Place State) and 2nd Place: Zeratul Bryan, Taft (3rd Place State); Employment Interviewing – 1st Place: Paishence Stone, Hughes High School (1st Place State) and 2nd Place: Taric Clemons, North College Hill; Decision Making – 1st Place: Abdallah Diallo, Hughes STEM and 2nd Place: Gwendolyn Rhorer, Western Hills; Application Techniques – 1st Place: Levi Powe, Withrow and 2nd Place: Amari Wingfield, Winton Woods; Employability Skills Testing – 1st Place: Daedrion Cunningham, North College Hill and 2n Place: Sidney Williams; Customer Service Telephone Techniques – 1st Place: Justin Oliver, Hughes STEM and 2nd Place: Jaden Jefferson, Western Hills (3rd Place State); Cover Design – 1st Place: Lazbeth Candelero-Del Angel, Western Hills and 2nd Place: Ke’asha Mackey, Western Hills (2nd Place State),; and Team Challenge – 1st Place: Neimiah Jackson, Amir Garrett, Billy Earls and Javod Helmes, Western Hills and 2nd Place: Kameron England, Rickale Harris, Kaitlynn Har